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Our Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

Ezelda - Freelance Professional Makeup Artist

January 15, 2018

Having always been zealous about making one feel beautiful, Ezelda found herself drawn to the world of makeup and all of its infinite possibilities. "The feeling I'd receive when I would look at my reflection after an application, is one of sheer satisfaction, elation and the umph that makes you say in your most sassy and confident voice...YES! Its a feeling I didn't want to keep to myself. I believe EVERY being deserves to feel that way and as often as possible. Its my mission to assist in the deliverance of that feeling." Ezelda, built her foundation of experience by doing makeup for proms, weddings, makeover parties and special occasions. She is completely passionate about her artistry and has been affectionately referenced as The Face Diva. She treats each client as a unique canvas, ensuring the client is satisfied and ready to put their best FACE forward. The Face Diva's motto is "making the world beautiful, one face at a time."

Rayshone - Stylist

January 15, 2018

She's a Stylist specializing in Healthy Hair care, extensions, braids, and natural hair and she's ready to assist you with your Beauty needs. Assisting under Antionette (master stylist) for years this was only the next step in order for her. She's a Breath of Fresh air in the ATMOSPHERE and she's ready!!!!

April -  Master Stylist

January 15, 2018

April is a talented stylist with over 10 years of experience in the Cosmetology Industry. She is also the owner of CKC Designs (interior decorator, party planner, coordinator, personal stylist). April brings such diverse styles, such as precision short cuts, exquisite extensions, as well as maintaining in Natural Hair care. Come and allow yourself to be transformed by a unique and experienced stylist.

Dynisha - Master Stylist 

January 15, 2018

She is a multifaceted stylist of nearly 2 decades. In search to enlarge her grooming artistry you can now add licensed barber to the resume. Services that are offered range from silk presses, custom cuts and colors to the latest trends. Dedicated to exemplary service and accommodating salon hours for today’s on the go clients. This versatile stylist/barber is definitely shaking things up!!!!!

Antionette - Proprietor/Instructor/Master Stylist 

January 15, 2018

Antionette is an artist when it comes to designing hair! “It is so important to have a professional relationship with your clients so they will TRUST you when it comes to taking care of their hair; I put my client hair needs before their needs ". I have been styling hair for over 25 years, but the difference now is that I breathe Healthy Hair. Having the Pleasure of adding to this Industry by being an Educator for 6 years and the owner (14 years) of Atmosphere Hair Salon and this is my gift from God. I told him if you give me my heart desire I will give it back and the experience at Atmosphere is a Calming one with a Spiritual Ambience!!!!